Maia Milk Shells - 2 Shells and a Case

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Save that liquid gold Mama!

Did you know that when you breastfeed your baby in one side, it triggers a letdown of milk on the other side?

Catch your letdown with our Maia Milk Shells. Perfectly discreet, light weight, and portable. Each shell holds up to 40ml!

Made From: Food grade silicone and PP materials. BPA free

Top Tip: When you have taken the plug out for air ventilation, link the ends of the stopped together around your bra strap so you don't lose it!


In our commitment to safety, we strongly encourage you to review the instructions, our safety disclaimer, and any special disclaimers prior to making a purchase.

Place inside your bra during breastfeeding, pumping or when you feel a letdown coming on. Remove stopper then pour into a Maia Mum Milk Storage Bottle. Always follow breastmilk storage guidelines.

Maia Milk Shells can also be used to help heal sore, cracked nipples. Simply remove the plug for air ventilation and place in bra to keep the skin dry and avoid further irritation from clothing.

Maia Milk Shells, 2x Stoppers and 1x Case

After each use, remove the silicone back and stopper from the shell, hand wash all parts in warm soapy water. Steam Sterilise all parts for 3minutes.

All part can withstand temperatures up to 120oC. Once dry, store in case provided.

Customer Reviews

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Louise Wallace
Best thing ever

After having two kids and having heavy milk flow right from day one these have been a life saver third time round. It has captured my letdown without stimulating supply, saved me from going through truck loads of breast pads while keeping my nipples dry. They are the best thing ever!

Kate M
Saved my tits

Literally saved my tits. Thank you. Six week jabs came along and baby boy was very hard on my nips. The shields along with the cream healed both nipples up in a couple of days.

Saved my breasts!!!

I was convinced to buy these from the lovely Maia Mum ladies at a local market. These seriously saved me in the first few weeks of breastfeeding!! I used these religiously in combination with my nipple cream and had absolute no damage/cracking to my nipples whatsoever! I recommended these to every new mum!

Nicole E

These shells are super handy. Am using with every feed and able to catch all my excess breastmilk, easy to then tip breastmilk into reusable bottles that I can freeze. Shells are practical and a good size. Thank you!

Absolutely love these

Absolutely loved these shells! Used them every day for ages, I had a crazy letdown and by the end of day I had saved enough for almost an extra feed! Was amazing! Highly recommend so effective and sooooo handy!