Revive-It C-Section Scar and Stretch Mark Cream

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Revive-It is specially formulated to help aide the recovery of your skin after giving birth! It works to strengthen, hydrate and provide intense nourishment while reducing itching, irritation and redness to C-section scars and stretch marks.

Our 30g no mess airless bottle means no dirty fingers double dipping into the bottle and you use every last bit of it-no wastage!


WHAT'S INCLUDED: 30g airless bottle of Revive-It Cream


In our commitment to safety, we strongly encourage you to review the ingredients, instructions, our safety disclaimer, and any special disclaimers prior to making a purchase.

Liquorice & Marshmallow root,


Cold-pressed virgin 100% pure Olive oil,


Cocoa and Mango butter

Plantain leaf

EcoCert approved He20 (emulsifier);

Jojoba, Bergamot, Neroli, Rose oils,

EcoCert approved Geogard 221 (Preservative)

 1 x 30ml Airless Bottle meaning you will use the entire bottle with minimal wastage

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brittany Levick
Fantastic product!

After my c-section my scar was very red and itchy. After using this cream I immediately noticed a difference. All itching stopped. The scar has less colour. The cream itself is nice and light and dries quickly so it is great to apply before bed. Highly recommend!!!

A wonderful product!

My cesarean scar is 9 years old and had become very itcy and irritated. After using the c-section cream the itching has gone and it feels much less inflamed and irritated. Definitely recommend this product!

Melanie Petero
Has made such a difference!

I’ve had 2 emergency c-sections & this cream truly does revive it. Such a noticeable difference removing the redness of my scar & reducing it to a thin light line. It smells devine & have really enjoyed massaging it in on my scar & stretch marks. Wicked wee product - thank you for making this

Highly recommend this cream!

Love massaging the Revive-it cream on my scar twice a day, morning and night. My scar was quite dark before, it has started to lighten up and I’ve noticed it’ doesn’t feel as tight as it used to. Smells so good and I love how the ingredients are natural. Have told my Mama to be/Mama friends all about it! Would def recommend !

Kerryn Hammington
Love this c-section scar cream

Really enjoying this revive-it cream. It’s a great texture that’s easy to spread and use. It’s helped my scar not feel so tight along with the regular massaging. It’s also helped me to feel more comfortable with having the scar which took a while to accept. Totally recommend it!!