Maia Mum Silver Nip Cups

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 Our Maia Mum Silver Nip cups are now back in stock! 

These popular cups are a natural solution for sore, cracked and inflamed nipples. These are custom made from 999 solid silver to help heal, prevent and soothe your nipples. Silver has antiseptic and antibacterial properties to help reduce infections and microbes, aiding in wound healing.

 How to use:

1/ Wear over your nipples inside your bra.
2/ Use between feeds for at least 4-6 hours a day during breastfeeding.
3/ If you are leaking milk, this can heal with healing- however remove cup and dry nipple and then place back to avoid moisture irritation.
4/ Use until your nipple has completely healed.
Mum Tip: Can put in the fridge prior to wearing for extra cooling relief.

PLEASE NOTE:  As silver is a natural element, over time the cups may start to darken due to exposure to air, skin and moisture through oxidization. This will not reduce the effectiveness of the cups, but it is important to follow the above cleaning instructions and COMPLETELY DRY them to prevent/reduce this from happening.

This item can not be returned for hygiene reasons


In our commitment to safety, we strongly encourage you to review the ingredients, instructions, our safety disclaimer, and any special disclaimers prior to making a purchase.

Size Small- if your bra size is A, B, or C cup. Areola diameter less than 4.5cm
Size Medium- if your bra size is above C cup, areola diameter more than 4.5cm

How to Clean
1/ Combine 3 teaspoons of baking soda with 2 teaspoons of warm water
2/ Gently rub the mixture inside and outside of the silver cups.3/ Ensure they are completely dry to avoid any staining or oxidization. 


Sold as a pair (2 pieces).
Inside a bag in a box for protection
Available in two sizes

Customer Reviews

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Kate Foxall
Such fast shipping, these silverettes saved my nips!

My friend recommended using these silverette nip cups as I was in so much pain starting breastfeeding - was so happy to get the relief from these! Been using them daily. Thanks so much for the fast shipping, and for being cheaper than other silverettes brands for sale! x


These helped so much as a first time mum breast feeding i’m so glad i had them ready as my nipples hurt at day 2 but wearing these was a life saver. such a good price compared to other brands. definitely get these if you are planning to breast feed