Maia Mum Breastfeeding Soothe & Heal Hydrogel Pads - 10 Pack

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Our Maia Mum Soothe & Heal Pads provide a cool sensation to the skin and help the recovery of sore, cracked nipples, redness, swelling and pain. 

These pads are highly recommended for pregnant mums to have a packet in your hospital bag so you are prepped for those first few days of breastfeeding when the most damage might happen. 

PLEASE NOTE: Clean nipple and areola after using hydrogel disc prior to breastfeeding.

In our commitment to safety, we strongly encourage you to review the ingredients, instructions, our safety disclaimer, and any special disclaimers prior to making a purchase.

1. Wash your hand and make sure your nipple or the affected area is clean and dry before applying.

2. Open packet and remove gel pad. 

3. Peel away the protective backing film to expose the sticky side of the gel pad

4. place the sticky side of the gel pad over your nipple and smooth with fingers right over the gel pad to secure into place.

5. After using, remove the pad and place back on the transparent film. Hydrogel patches can be reused for up to 24 hours or earlier if it becomes cloudy/milky.

6. Wear between feeding and remove prior to breastfeeding. 

10 Hydrogel pads

Each patch is individually packaged. For added coolness put the hydrogel patch in the refrigerator 30 minutes before use. If the package is damaged before use, discontinue use.  Do not use soap and water or detergent to clean the hydrogel patch.

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You need these

So helpful to heal my nipples when they were cracked. Glad I got these for breastfeeding. worked a charm! and didn’t leave a a sticky feeling on my boob which was great