Coral Reusable Breast Pads

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Getting out and about with baby can be tough and you don't want to have to worry about leaking milk through your top on top of everything else!

Maia Mum reusable breast pads are soft, comfortable and highly absorbent. They are designed to catch any leaks and provide a super soft barrier for your tender nipples.

Top tip: Throw your breast pads through the wash a handful of times before your first use so they reach maximum absorbency.

Top tip #2: Keep a few spare pairs in your nappy bag in case of an unexpected letdown so you can do a quick switch at any time!


In our commitment to safety, we strongly encourage you to review the instructions, our safety disclaimer, and any special disclaimers prior to making a purchase.

Patterned Waterproof PUL- Fast-absorbingmicrofiber inner- Soft bamboo against the skin

Rinse then warm machine wash. Line dry only

1 pair of super soft Maia Mum Reusable Breast pads