On The Go Peri Bottle

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Throw away that nasty drink bottle and get yourself a Maia Mum Peri Bottle!

Peeing can sting after giving birth, tears or no tears. Using a peri bottle dilutes your urine which takes away that awful sting and helps to prevent infection.

Use the peri bottle every time you pee until you’re feeling OK again down there (best used for at least a week or 2 we think!)

Top Tip: Once you’ve finished with it, either put it away for next time, sterilize and pass to a friend or chuck it in your travel bag and use as a mini bidet when you find yourself in country where toilet paper isn’t all the rage!

In our commitment to safety, we strongly encourage you to review the instructions, our safety disclaimer, and any special disclaimers prior to making a purchase.


Fill with warm or cold water (depending on preference). Hold bottle upside down, aim nozzle at perineum area and gently squeeze before peeing to get the stream hitting the right area. Continue the stream for the duration of urination and feel the relief it gives!

 1 x 300ml BPA free plastic Peri bottle + 1 x waterproof travel bag

Customer Reviews

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Sian Small

Loved the acupressure balls, had them in my hand all throughout labour & saved the bruising from biting my hands I had last time!

Kylie S
Life Saving

Highly recommend the peri bottle! After baby number 1 I was in so much pain urinating and I used a drink bottle but you can’t aim the properly and it just want effective! Baby number 2 I decided to try the peri bottle and it has been a complete life saver for postpartum recovery - I was so scared to pee but the bottle makes it virtually painless

Priyanka Baby

Thank you for the valuable service. Good customer support.

Thanks Priyanka!
So sorry NZpost lost this in the mail and hopefully i. the future you can experience our range. All the best with your new arrival x

Sam D
Go peri bottle

An absolute lifesaver following my delivery. Arrived within the timeframe and it was pretty easy to order too. Highly recommend!

So glad I had this!

Having this during postpartum gave me so much relief and confidence in being able to heal well, a very helpful tool!