Wooden Labour Comb + Bag

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The Maia Mum labour comb is an amazing form of natural pain relief during contractions.

Why a birth comb? 
The pressure in the palm from holding a birth comb is linked to the gate control pain theory where the nerve endings in your hand send messages to the brain and distract it away from the sensations of your contractions. 
The teeth of the comb press against acupressure points releasing endorphins and creating a distraction and a new focal point for the brain to concentrate on.

 Please Note: as this is a wood product, the colour of the grain of the comb will vary from photo

Grip the comb between the palm of your hand during labour, direct the teeth of the comb into your palm. Squeeze during contractions. 

- 1 Wooden labour comb
- 1 Storage bag with swing tag

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Love it!!!

Best thing to help me through my contractions at home